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Waterjet Cutting Capabilities

Barnard operates a state-of-the-art CNC waterjet cutting system and three abrasive cutting systems. These advanced systems allow us to economically cut most materials to virtually any shape.

Our Waterjet/Abrasivejet Service Provides:

Quality edge on composites

  • Fast, economical cutting of virtually all metallic and nonmetallic materials assures accuracy and quality while reducing labor costs.
  • Cuts without heat-usually no secondary finishing required. No thermal distortion or degradation of materials.
  • Net or near-net cutting of complex shapes and contours.
  • Superb edges, even on laminates, without delamination.
  • Physical and chemical characteristics of material cut are unaffected.
  • Will cut fully heat-treated materials.
  • Will pierce and generate holes.
  • Kerf width .032" min abrasivejet.
  • Kerf width .003" min waterjet.
  • Angular Kerf .003" to no more than .030" on thicker materials.
  • Work Envelopes:
    36" x 36"
    20" x 20"
    18" x 43" (x 2)
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431 Water Street · Wakefield, MA 01880-2597
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